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Rev. Richard Bolte, Evangelist, Hattiesburg, M

“A good teacher must first be a good student. A good student must first have a desire to learn. Randy LaCoste was an excellent Bible teacher because first, he was a good student of the Word and because he never lost his desire to learn more about the subject he had committed his life to.”

"Jesus knew God's Word. He handled every trial and temptation of the enemy by saying "it is written".

The Bible is a two edged sword. It is a weapon of offense. 

The Word of God is important in your life. It was yesterday; it is today; and it will be until those eastern skies part."


Thank You!

Special thanks to Mr. Con Botsis, who faithfully coordinated the recording and archiving of Randy’s Sunday school lessons for years.  Your dedication and sacrifice will now enable the Word to be spread beyond the walls of the Sunday school room.   Without your tireless efforts, this website would not have been possible.

Please feel free to send a short message if you knew Randy
or were touched by his teachings. We'd love to hear from you.

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